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Boat and Vehicle Wraps FAQ

About and Design

How to request a boat wrap quote?

To request a full quote, just click on the green button that says, "Request Quote" on the product page and fill out the form. Its that easy! Or for a quote on just the vinyl wrap and shipping you can enter your boat measurements into the boxes provided on the product page as it will automatically calculate your price for you, and then just add to cart. For instructions on how to properly measure your boat please click here.

Are your designs available for licensing with other independent wrapping companies?

Yes, our unique boat wrap designs are available for other wrapping companies to use for their clients as well. Interested in licensing our boat wrap designs, please email us here: 

What is a wrap?

A wrap is the application of large scale digitally printed vinyl.  The vinyl is laminated and stuck directly to the surface of whatever is being wrapped.  The application is done with such precision that the wrap is often mistaken for paint.

What can be wrapped?

You can wrap just about anything, but there are some limitations such as rust, orange peel clear coats, oxidation, and petroleum based substrates (synthetic plastics). If you were to wrap these items, there is no telling how long the vinyl will last and adhere to the surface.

How effective is a boat wrap?

A boat wrap is the most effective form of advertising in the market today. One wrap gets 1000's of views per day on average while being trailered or on the water.  With a wrap you are able to elevate your business by increasing your visibility and brand recognition on a daily basis.

 What Designs are available?

 We have available standard designs displayed on our website, or we can create a custom design for you.

 How long does the custom art design process take?

Typically, the design process takes anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of your design, but there are always exceptions depending on how complicated or simple your custom design is to create.

Pricing and Measurements

Art fee structure:

All standard art designs are $450

All custom art designs start at $850

Art file transfer fee $150 (applied when transferring the files only)

All custom art designs come with 2 free art revisions, after the first 2 free art revisions its $100 per art revision. 

Add ons:

Boat name: $50

Logos: $50 (must provide logo file)

Mockup on boat image: $50

How to price the hull of your wrap:

Cost of the printed wrap vinyl is $8.00 per square foot. Square footage is calculated based off the total length of the boat on a 5' foot (60"in) wide sheet of vinyl. If the max width of your boat is less than 30" in, then we can price both sides of your wrap on just one 5' foot (60"in) wide sheet times the length of your boat.

•Example 1: A boat that is 30'ft long (360"in), by 3'ft max width (36"in) (printed on a 60"in (5'ft) wide sheet) the formula would be: 30'ft x 5'ft = 150sqft x 2 (both port and starboard sides) = 300sqft x $8.00 = $2,400.00

•Example 2: A boat that is 30'ft long (360"in), by 2'ft max width (24"in) (printed on a 60"in ('5ft) wide sheet) the formula would be: 30'ft x 5'ft = 150sqft x 1 (both port and starboard sides can be printed on one 5ft wide sheet) = 150sqft x $8.00 = $1,200.00

As you can see, if your max width is under 30in (half of the 60in wide sheet) then we can print on one sheet for both sides of your boat which will bring your total cost down. 

How to price your transom:

Transom is priced the same way the sides are. 

•Example 1: A transom that is 12'ft wide (144"in), by 3'ft max width (36"in) (printed on a 60"in (5'ft) wide sheet) the formula would be: 12'ft x 5'ft = 60sqft x $8.00 = $480.00

How to price your installation:

We charge $4.90 per square foot for installation. Please click the "Request quote" button for a quote on instillation.

How to find your total price:

 Just add up your art fee, plus your vinyl cost, plus your instillation cost to get your total cost.

 How the calculator works:

 Simply enter in your boat measurements in the required fields and the calculator will automatically calculate your price. 

Side of boat (hull) Total Length (inches): 
In this box, you will enter the total length of your boat along the rub rail. This measurement is required in order for the calculator to work. 
• Side of boat (hull) Total Width (inches): 
In this box, you will enter the total width of the side of your boat hull, from rub rail to waterline or bottom paint. (We can't wrap over bottom paint) This measurement is required in order for the calculator to work. 
• Side of boat (hull) Narrow Width (inches): 
In this box, you will enter in the smallest width of your hull, from rub rail to waterline or bottom paint. (We can't wrap over bottom paint) This measurement is required in order for the calculator to work. 
• Transom (back) Total Length (inches): 
In this box, you will enter in the total length of your transom along the rub rail. Transom wraps are optional add-ons. This field is optional and is not required for the calculator to work.  
 Transom (back) Total Width (inches):
In this box, you will enter in the total width of your transom from rub rail to waterline or bottom paint (We can't wrap over bottom paint). Transom wraps are optional add ons, this field is optional and is not required for the calculator to work. 
• Add boat name and/or logos:
Check this box if you want to add a boat name and/or logos to your boat wrap. Enter your boat name into the text field and/or you can upload your logos that you want us to use by clicking the "Choose file" button. Make sure the files are high enough resolution or vector files. Boat names and logos are optional add ons, this field is optional and is not required for the calculator to work. 
Year, Make, Model of boat: 
Please enter the year, make and model of your boat into these fields. These fields are required in order for the calculator to work. 
Check this box if you want us to install your boat wrap for you. By checking this box you will be directed to click the "Request Quote" button, fill out the installation form so that we can accurately quote you on your boat wrap and installation order. Installation is an optional add on, this field is not required. 
In this box, please add the number of how many boat wraps you would like. This field is optional and is not required for the calculator to work.
• Calculator won't work outside these boat measurement values:
Min value of boat length is: 96in (8ft)
Max value of boat length is: 720in (60ft)
Max value of boat width is: 60in (5ft)
Min value of boat width is: 12in (1ft)
Min value of transom length is: 72in (6ft)
Max value of transom length is: 360in (30ft)
Max value of transom width is: 60in (5ft)
Min value of transom width is: 8in

 Custom Art Process

How do I get a custom art design for my boat

Please visit our custom boat wrap design page, click "Request Quote" and fill out the custom art form. We will need you to fill out the form with a detailed description of your design idea. For example, tell us the different fish species you'd like to see in your wrap design along with a color theme and specific details. From there, we will email you back to get started on your custom art design. 

How does the custom art process work, and what art can I have on my boat?

Jason Mathias will work directly with you via email or phone to create your custom boat wrap design. Custom designs can consist of a mixture of art elements you like from our other designs, or something totally unique. There are no limits as to what can be created.  We require a non-refundable design deposit of $425 to get started on the custom design for your boat wrap, once the design is approved we will then collect a $425 art usage fee for a total of $850.

Art Files

Can boat wrap art files be transferred?

Yes, art files can be transferred for a fee of $150 to an established wrapping company of the customer’s choice.  The wrapping company must sign a one-time use agreement before any files can be transferred.

Do I get a copy of my boat wrap art file?

No, customers who have Jason Mathias create a custom design do not own the copyrighted art files used in that design, Jason Mathias Studios owns the copyright. Customers are paying for a one time usage of the artwork and for Jason Mathias to put the design together for them. If customers wish to have a high resolution art file, they will have to purchase the rights to the artwork from Jason Mathias Studios.

What if I need to redo or repair my boat wrap and I don’t have the file?

We at Jason Mathias Studios, backup all art files on our main external hard drives and will be able to make any repairs or wrap redos in the future from our wrapping company or company of your choice.  Just contact us at


Care and Maintenance

How do I clean my wrap?

Use a non-abrasive soft brush or cloth with dish soap to remove everyday dirt and grime. For “stains” like bug guts use isopropyl alcohol with a paper towel. Avoid car washes and pressure washers as they may cause damage and/or lifting of the wrap.

Do I need to wax my wrap?

No, waxing is not necessary as the vinyl has a protective over laminate that protects the inks and vinyl.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

 No, the adhesive on the wrap is strong enough to hold, but gentle enough not to damage the surface it's stuck to.  It will actually protect the paint from the sun’s harmful UV Rays. Once you remove the wrap, the paint will look as good as the day it was installed.


Materials and Durability

What type of wrap do we use?

We use Avery Dennison Wrapping Films SW900. Avery Dennison Wrapping Films are expertly designed adhesive films that you can use for a variety of applications.

What is the thickness of wrap material?

3.2 mill thick vinyl. 

Is the vinyl wrap protected?

Yes, all of our wraps are laminated which protects the vinyl from UV rays and minor surface scratches. The wrap is still a vinyl sticker and should be well taken care of to best prolong its life.

How long will my wrap last?

A wrap that is taken care of will last between 3-8 years, but it's recommended that the wrap be replaced around 4 years.

Are wraps permanent?

Wraps are not permanent. Often people choose wraps for the ease of changeability.



How long does the instillation take?

Installation typically only takes 1 full day to complete. 

Do you instal the boat registration numbers too? 

Yes, we will print out your boat registration numbers as a separate decal that will be placed over your wrap. 

Can you travel to me to do my boat wrap instillation, or do I need to bring my boat to your shop? 

Yes, we can travel to the location of your boat to do the instillation on site for you. Or, you can bring the boat to our shop where we can do the instillation for you as well. We cant wrap the boat in the rain, so your boat needs to be under a covering if its raining out. A travel distance fee will be applied if we come to you. 

How do I prepare my boat to be wrapped and what add-on services are available to assist with this preparation?

Clients can prep hull by removing existing items listed below prior to wrapping.   Acetone will remove glue from decals. Clients can have boat buffed and detailed prior to arrival.

The following add-on services are available by our installer: 
-existing wrap removal ($4.50/sqft)
- existing name removal ($375)
- oxidation removal ($6-800 depends on size of vessel)
- stripe removal ($375)
- washing boat due to excess dirt  ($125)
- kill time fee (boat has to be hauled out for installation and is not out when we arrive we charge $85.00/15 min of wait time)
All of listed above will be paid in full prior to starting work
Is there a cancellation fee?
If we arrive and the client cancels the day of then there will be a fee of $1200 that will be paid in full on top of original invoice before any work for installation will be performed.











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