Boat Wrap Terms and Conditions for Installation

Terms and Conditions for Boat Wrap Installations

1) Quotes Subject to Change:

Any pricing given either verbally or as a formal estimate is subject to change based on and not limited to the availability of products, scheduling, scope of work, location of installation, etc. Any changes in pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

2) Art Deposit and Approval: 

This is a one time non-refundable, non-transferable fee. Art deposit is not art licensing. All art and proofs remain property of Jason Mathias Studios and Wrapped Up, LLC. 

Use of a color proof is the best way to ensure that the color requested is the color received. Requesting a color proof will cause a time delay and you will be charged an additional charge of $40 per sample for this service. Clients are responsible for reviewing color proofs in all light conditions prior to approval. Please understand that chosen colors may appear slightly different on a larger scale and in different lighting. Wrapped Up holds no liability for final print choice.

3) Material Deposit:

A 50% material deposit is required before the production or the ordering of any materials that may be used in the process of your project. This deposit will be applied to the final balance. No further work will continue on your project until this deposit has been received. Delays in making this deposit will affect installation scheduling and timelines. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If changes are requested throughout the process, Wrapped Up reserves the right to collect the additional deposit needed for production.

4) Scheduling:

Installations are scheduled once the materials are received and not before. If your project has a deadline, please express this date ASAP so that we are able make accommodations to properly meet your expectations. This is not a guarantee of meeting said deadlines, only an attempt to work proactively towards them.

5) Installation Preparations:

Industry standard installation prep includes an acetone wipe of the surface. Failing to properly prepare your boat before installation will result in additional charges. We require that your boat is clean and oxidation free when we arrive to install. If your boat is not ready, we reserve the right to charge you a wash fee of $150 and/or an oxidation removal fee of $800. In the event that you chose to decline the above listed fee, we reserve the right to charge you a Kill Fee, as described in the cancellation section.

6) Installation:

Once the materials necessary for your installation have been received you will be contacted to schedule installation. Although we try to avoid scheduling installations during inclement weather, sometimes we will have to reschedule due to such unpredicted forces. During installation we do our best to eliminate external factors, but outdoor and on-site installations are subject to contaminants beyond our control and we cannot be liable for such. Any underlying imperfections, such as and not limited to ghosted images from removed boat names, registration numbers or decals, gel coat blemishes or damage, boot stripes, ect., will show up under the vinyl and we deny any responsibility for the above listed. Wrapped Up disclaims all warranties related to surface or paint damage upon installation or removal. The process of applying wraps to vehicles can sometimes damage the finish of the vehicle or boat; this is industry standard. 

During installation, Wrapped Up reserves the right to make necessary cuts or trimming of the wrap that may differ the final result from the proof due to boat, trailer, or predicted damage. 

We also request that owners are not present during installation. 

7) Proof Approval 

Wrapped Up only guarantees final prints designed and setup by Wrapped Up. Final installation placement and alignment may not precisely match the 2D client approved mockup. The color of the final graphics may not match the mockup seen on a desktop computer screen, smartphone, iPad or similar device. To ensure the best color match possible, please request a color proof. Graphics applied are intended to be viewed from a distance of at least 10 feet. Wrapped Up produces each graphic with the detail and quality appropriate for viewing from such distance. All measurements provided by customers will be the responsibility of the client and Wrapped Up will not be held liable for any discrepancies due to supplied incorrect measurements. 

8) Payment

All payments may be made in the form of cash, credit, paypal or direct transfer via our electronic billing software. You may be requested to provide a credit card authorization form to ensure final payment. Final payment is due upon completion of the installation. Failure to pay your final balance will result in removal of your wrap.       

9) Use of Images of and References to Completed Work:

Jason Mathias Studios and Wrapped Up may, at its sole discretion, use images and brand names of work completed by Wrapped Up for marketing and advertising purposes. Wrapped Up reserves the right to include the Wrapped Up logo on an inconspicuous location on the rear of the boat or vehicle. All raw files remain the sole property of Wrapped Up.

10)Trademarks and Copyrights

Reproduction, in any form, of copyrighted materials without prior permission of the originator is illegal. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain said permission. We are not responsible for obtaining permission and assume prior permission has been obtained by the client before the request has been submitted. Purchaser assumes liability for patent and copyright infringement when goods are made to the purchaser's specifications.    

11) Warranty:

The industry does not offer any warranty coverage for marine wrap installations, only durability ratings. If preventative measures are taken and the proper methodology is used, it is reasonable to expect a wrap to last an average of 3-5 years. Any warranty does not include damage to the vehicle or boat due to negligence or the misoperation of the vessel. All repairs are examined on a case by case basis and are repaired at the discretion of Wrapped Up. Any damage to or imperfections in the wrap must be reported to Wrapped Up within 24 hours. Boats must remain out of the water or kept at the dock once damage occurs. High speeds and/or inclement sea conditions can increase damage to the wrap. All fees associated with repairs are at the customer's expense. Wrapped Up is not responsible for haul out or storage fees. Defects in the materials may be covered by the manufacturer, but labor and material costs to rectify such issues will be discussed.Trailer damage is extremely common to wraps. Before installation we recommend the use of a v-catch trailer addition. This will reduce but not eliminate the risk of damage. Some trailers are not able to be modified so additional cuts or trimming may be required to ensure the longevity of your wrap. These changes will be at the discretion of Wrapped Up. 

12) Cancellation:

Should you cancel an order, after accepting these terms and conditions, Wrapped Up reserves the right to charge a 20% cancellation charge calculated to the total amount of the invoice excluding tax. 

If we arrive for installation and the boat is not ready as previously discussed, whether it be at the fault of the owner, captain or other trades, we reserve the right to charge a Kill Fee of $250/hour of delay. Should the delay result in an additional necessary trip, you will be charged for such. Any jobs delayed that require rental equipment will also be subject to additional fees. 

13) Paint Protection Film

This product is designed to protect the surface that it is covering; however, it is not indestructible and is still subject to damage. Repairs can be made to patch damaged areas but will be done so at your expense including any haul out or storage fees. While installing, we do our best to eliminate environmental contaminants but we do not guarantee absolute perfection. Operating your boat in adverse conditions could result in damage to the PPF. If damage occurs, please notify us within 24 hours so that we may advise you how to temporarily repair the section without risking further damage. Polarized sunglasses may distort the visual finish of PPF and Wrapped Up is not liable for such distortion. 

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