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Welcome to the original art sales page of renowned artist Jason Mathias.

Here you will find great deals on original art straight from the artist’s personal gallery. At jasonmathias.com we know the true personal value of art. It makes us feel good to be able to affordably provide you with the positive and adventurous feelings when experiencing a beautiful Jason Mathias piece of art. 

We understand the importance to be able to own a personal piece of art that you can relate to, hanging in the privacy of your own home or office. That’s why we have created this page, so that we may be able to easily and affordably provide art to as many people who appreciate it as possible, in hopes of adding a little extra joy to your adventurous lifestyle. 

Looking for an investment you can enjoy and appreciate? Here at Jason Mathias Art you can invest in a commodity that's as good as gold. Here you will find Jason Mathias's original art collection in oils, acrylics and watercolor. 

Jason Mathias’s main goal is to portray our planet’s marine life in their natural habitat to ensure the survival of our oceans all while helping you invest your hard earned cash. Another goal that Jason tends to stick with when creating original art is to always uphold the integrity, value and quality of the work by keeping it honest, traditional and using top quality materials that will last through the centuries.

Jason likes to think of his art as creating a monetary system of value. Paper prints are a lot like creating a paper currency, and the originals are the gold. So in other words an original represents the gold and the prints represent the printed paper money, while limited edition prints are like a paper currency being tied to a limited supply of something like gold. These days an art buyer has to be very carful when investing in original art. He has to make sure the original art he has purchased isn’t a fake or isn’t “original digital art” or “original digital photography,” which technically isn’t an original piece of art that will last through the centuries, uphold and increase its value like a traditional painting would. A well-executed oil painting can last well over 800 years.

Master artist Jason Mathias is dedicated to creating traditional original oil paintings of the finest quality to ensure your investment in this precious commodity is enjoyed through the centuries.

Looking for a unique and personal piece of art by Jason Mathias? Jason Mathias is happy to take on commissioned art where he can create and design any scene you can dream up. Please contact us at jasonmathiasart@gmail.com to commission Jason Mathias to create your personalized original art investment.

All original art comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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